Chaldean Numerology or Western Numerology?

Chaldean NumerologyWhen it comes to Numerology, there are two formal versions: Chaldean Numerology and Western Numerology.

Chaldean is an ancient science and based on the world’s original root langue while the Western method is based on the pre-Roman empire’s twenty-two letter alphabet.

Sound syllables can generate energy and this creates vibrational patterns for our names and this is what Chaldean Numerology uses to calculate results.

On the other hand, the Western method is not based on vibrational patterns but rather on a simplistic, linear and sequential assignment of number against the western alphabet.

In Numerology, you are born with a set of unique numerical values and these represent a vibrational pattern that has definable and describable meanings.

These meanings show our destiny, what relationships we would be compatible with and as well our personality. The idea is that the numbers given for your name and birth date area blueprint that will reveal what life might hold for you.

With Chaldean Numerology, the vibrational patterns that are a result of the sound syllables that have a numerical value, show the changing environment in our lives.

The vibrational patterns can then be translated through an interpretation of the numbers.

In Chaldean Numerology there are eight numbers (1-8) that relate to the alphabet. The alphabet was later expanded to accommodate language variations.

The number 9 was considered a sacred number because it was seen as the highest level of spiritual attainment and creative energy.

With Western numerology, it discounts the sound syllables of a person’s name and pays no attention to vibrational patterns. As a result, there can be uncertainty and inaccuracy when calculating a person’s name numerology.

As well Western numerology discounts the sacred or spiritual significance of the number 9. As a result, the calculation of a person’s numbers can be inaccurate.

If you plan on a journey of self-discovery through numerology, you might want to understand what information is available when it comes to the principles of numerology. With two systems available, it is important to have the facts so that you can get accurate results.

Although Western numerology is the most widely used of all the system, there is more accuracy in the Chaldean form. It continues to demonstrate all these centuries later, results through the use of scientific principles and research, accurate interpretations of one’s name and birth numbers.

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