Gordon Ramsay’s Numbers

Gordon James Ramsay, famous chef known for his many well-reviewed restaurants and competitive cooking shows on television, was born November 8th of 1966.

Here is how his numerology for his name and birth date addresses who he is as a person and celebrity.

In his teenage years, he was prevented from enjoying his favorite sport, football (soccer to Americans) by a knee injury. A colleague once said, in a recent interview, “he’s a competitive so-and-so and wants to do and be the best he can.”

That reputation stuck with him and is plainly visible in his perfectionist and confrontational behavior; despite the numerous awards he’s won, his many charitable works and the business successes he’s had in life, TV Guide included him in their list of the 60 nastiest villains of all time.

What do Gordon’s Numbers Mean?

What can Numerology tell us about his brash, unapologetic and abrasive personality, and why this behavior has brought him to the pinnacle of success on television cooking shows?

In order to get a good idea, let’s start with an analysis of his date of birth: Being born on November 8th, he has an achievement number of 11+8 = 19, 1+9 = 1.

It’s a good thing that he doe because his first Life Path Cycle is 11, which is often difficult for young people; he managed to survive a rough-hewn alcoholic father and sports injuries without giving in to so many of the problems that young people living in similar conditions suffer.

His full Life Path number is 5, which shows a person who manages to be on the cutting edge, as well as at the center of things. His deeply passionate way of pursuing his craft and business affairs is shown by this vibration.

Having a Birthday Number of 8 is usually the sign of someone who likes to be in control of their circumstances, and with the 1 and 5 influences along with his Life Path vibration, you can plainly see where his reputation for severity, competitiveness and confrontational behavior comes from.

It should also be noted that his Harvest Cycle, or Maturity Number carries another Master Number, 22. There is no doubt that the latter part of his life will be marked with all the signs of one who has mastered his profession, thereby gaining global influence – in fact, he has done so already.

All of these elements of his Numerology chart are the themes and atmosphere of his famous TV shows, which ride on his temper, as well as his ability to push others to the next level of accomplishment as far as the craft of cooking is concerned.

His name numbers reflect another side of his personality that others seldom see. It turns out that his Expression, or full name number is 9. This is the sign of someone who rarely does anything in a small way, or spends their life within a few miles of their birthplace.

His Soul Urge is 2, which indicates that he is driven to build relationships and please others, but the quiet self vibration of 7 shows someone who lives within himself. In total, this particular combination gives us a picture of a person who insists on doing things their own way, and always follows a well thought-out plan.

It’s also plain to see that he is obsessive about others meeting his expectations, and that his expectations of his experiences in life are very high.

What’s Interesting About Gordon’s Numbers!

The most interesting thing about his name numbers, however, is that he does not have any 2’s, 3’s or 8’s in his personal alphabet. Because there are so many 1’s, this indicates that he rarely lets other’s feelings, or his feeling about others get in the way of his progress in life.

On the other hand, the missing 8’s show that although this commanding and organized vibration is present in his Life Path, he overcompensates for a feeling of not being in control by his brusque behavior, and rather harsh way of expressing himself, especially when he is under stress.

This is clearly a person who demands acknowledgement and respect.

It will take little more than a quick read through the entry on him in Wikipedia or an hour of watching him on television to bear out the signatures of these numbers; he’s an almost textbook case of how the positive and negative aspects of the numbers work out in everyday life.

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