Name Numerology

In numerology, finding the number that is related to your name will give you the positive or negative energies that belong to your name. Finding out what your number is can tell you what type of person you are, what your weakness are as well as your strengthens.

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Thе Basics of Numerology

Why Do You Want to Know Your Name Number?

name numerologyWhen you know your name numerology, you will be able to find ways that can overcome obstacles you have in your life. It is a way to guide you on your path and hopefully make the journey more pleasant.

Want to Learn Your Name Number?

You can find your own name number with a numerology reading as well as other key numbers that could be affecting your life.

One of the key numbers is your life path number which is considered an important number and the result of your birth date. This is an important number in that it can give you some insights into who you are. As well, an important number is your name number. This number can be changed since it is possible to change your name to improve your number.

Changing your name to improve your number is very common. In fact it can be fairly simple and you don’t have to change your entire name to accomplish this goal.

If you were give the name Mary Margaret Jones at birth, you could change your name to Mary Jones or Margaret Jones. As a result of this simple change your name numerology could be affected.

Changing the spelling of your name can also change your number. Like changing Mary to Marie or Margaret to Maggie.

Changing your name numerology can affect the way you see your life and as well change your personality. These changes might be subtle but they are still changes. You will need to make sure that the change you make improved your number before you go ahead and make that change.

Finding out your number with respect to your name can be enlightening and even an affirmation on who you really are. You may even find out things you didn’t know about yourself. To find the results of your name numerology and your life path check out name numerology.

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